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Many individuals helped in creating this Dermatopathology Interactive Atlas. To begin with, we would like to thank the laboratory technicians at the Boston University School of Medicine Skin Pathology Laboratory. We would like to particularly acknowledge the superior quality of work done by Rob Labadie and Mohamad El-hajahmad. In addition, we would like to recognize Alfie Tsay for his excellent work in making the hundreds of one-micron plastic sections.

Denise Dorfer and Colleen Jeffers carried out the monumental task of typing endless numbers of drafts. Belinda Chu checked and re-checked the final drafts for consistency of style. Jane Kwan and Denise Dorfer checked the multitude of links to ensure that they were correct. Rob Labadie and Than-Danh Ho are recognized for their scanning thousands of slides. Rob also provided valuable help in the editing of images.

Several dermatopathology fellows in the Boston University School of Medicine assisted in literature searches and finding cases for taking photographs for the Atlas. We would particularly like to mention Drs. Catherine Stefanato, Asha Kubba and Toru Shoji for their help. Many dermatology residents in the combined Boston University/Tufts University program also helped to provide us with clinical photographs. We would like to particularly thank Dr. Madeline Krause (resident, 1994-97) for help in writing the first drafts of chapters on interface, nodular and diffuse dermatitis.

We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Lynne Goldberg, associate professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine for her excellent chapter on alopecia and normal scalp. Several colleagues throughout the U.S and abroad aided us in providing clinical photographs and histologic sections of certain rare diseases; their names have been acknowledged in the legends of the specific images provided by them. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Raj Kubba, an adjunct associate professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine for providing us many clinical photographs. We appreciate the constructive criticism of Dr. Vinay Kumar, chairman of pathology at the University of Chicago, and senior author of Robbins pathology.

We could not have achieved this high-quality finished product without the critical eye of Dr. Peter Pochi. He is professor emeritus in dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, an internationally known dermatologist, a dear friend, a superb clinician and an excellent teacher. He scrupulously read the entire text before and after digitization, asked critical questions, and provided us with essential and constructive feedback.

We must also recognize Girijesh Agarwal of Web Cottage Solutions who single-handedly created our final product on CD-ROM. Girijesh designed the graphics layout, created all links, and included many powerful features to enhance this atlas. Kalpna B. Vemuri assisted us with the compilation of lists of topics and images. We are grateful to Dr. Madhumita Puri, editor in chief of for her extremely helpful suggestions.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge the unwavering support of our spouses, Pratibha Bhawan, Kadan Sau, and Danielle Levi Alvares. Without their encouragement and tolerance we could not have completed this project.

Jag Bhawan
Purnima Sau
H. Randolph Byers